About the Association

Our Aim

The primary aim of the Association is to provide a point of contact between current and former choristers of the Cathedral and Cathedral Girls Choirs, Lay Clerks and musicians, with the aim of developing or rekindling friendships rooted in their experiences at the Cathedral.

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From the Chairman

At our AGM in June 2018 Malcolm Bury retired after eleven years as our Chairman, having re-established the Association as we know it today. I am proud to have been elected as his successor and look forward to working with our experienced and dedicated management committee in the future. The committee will continue to build on the successes achieved over recent years, and focus on holding annual reunions, an AGM and opportunities to sing as Ex-Quire in the Cathedral throughout the year.

I welcome fresh ideas from members and friends of the ECA and encourage attendance and support at such events in order to sustain the future of our association.

Richard Lilley
Chorister 1980-1984

From our Patron

The Very Reverand Dr Jeffrey John - Dean of St Albans
Dr Jeffrey John – Dean of St Albans

One of the main components of worship in any Cathedral is the offering of music, and the Cathedral and Abbey Church of Saint Alban is no exception. We have had a rich tradition of choral music since the foundation of the Diocese of St. Albans in 1877, and also as an Abbey Church for many centuries before. During this time singers and musicians have been giving their best to the glory of God.

The Association aims to support the Cathedral Choir and Cathedral Girls Choir, and I welcome this aim both as Patron of the Association and as Dean of St. Albans. I am grateful and confident that all our members will continue to give freely of their time and talents so that the Association may be sustained into the future.

The Very Reverend Dr Jeffrey John
Dean of St. Albans
Patron of the Association