After nearly seven years research I have now completed a ‘prototype’ of my book on the ‘History of the St Albans Cathedral Choirs.’ The draft needs further work to ‘spruce it up’ and bring it to a state ready for printing and publication.

I am therefore seeking assistance from members with the following skills:

Ph 1 – A technical editor – who should have a good knowledge of the development of choral music from monastic times to the present day, both generally and specifically at St Albans Abbey/Cathedral with a focus on the last two decades.

Ph 2 – A ‘designer’ who can advise and help me produce the final design of the book – 15 chapters and 5 appendices – including the setting of photographs. It’s currently in Word.doc landscape format (97 pages)

Ph 3 – A copywriter/proof reader to check the final document at the end of the process. Must have a good command of the English language!

This is a ‘legacy’ project – it’s not been done before and whilst not intended to be a commercial venture – (net proceeds will be donated to the Cathedral Choirs) – I do have a limited personal budget to finalise the book and I’m happy to discuss remuneration. A number of inquiries external to the ECA are also being pursued but keeping it ‘in-house’ would be helpful logistically and hopefully more economical.  The aim is to have the final document ready for printing/publication/marketing by this coming summer, preferably before the end of the Cathedral Choirs’ summer term.

If you have the above skill requirements and are interested in contributing to this project, or can recommend someone with relevant experience, then please contact me at

Thank you.