Our Privacy Policy

As an organisation, the St Albans Cathedral Ex-Choristers Association maintains a record of our members’ service to the Cathedral, together with contact details for both members and friends. Under the guidance of the Cathedral, the management committee is aware of their obligation to protect this information and be open and transparent with regard to its use.

The purpose of this policy is to set out clearly what information is collected, how it is used, and with whom it is shared.

Information Collected and Maintained

The following information is collected for members and friends of the Ex-Choristers Association:

    1. Membership information – such as name and membership type (member, associate member or friend)
    2. Music role information related to members – the nature and dates of service to the Cathedral
    3. Contact information – email address and approximate location (if known)

Details of members (name and music role details) are published on the Association website.  All data is held securely on a UK based server and access is restricted to Office Bearers.

Information Use

As stated in our Constitution, the primary objective of the Association is to provide a point of contact between current and former choristers of the Cathedral and Cathedral Girls Choirs, Lay Clerks and other Musicians with a view to renewing or developing friendships rooted in their musical experiences with the Cathedral.  The Association also aims to support the Cathedral and Cathedral Girls Choir.  As such, it is on the basis of this legitimate interest that we hold and process personal information.

We use your information for the following:

    • To publish membership records on the Association website.
    • To produce the biennial Year Book.
    • To establish and maintain contact with members and friends by email.

Information Sharing

Data is not shared with any third party except for name and email address that is transferred to our email delivery supplier, MailChimp (see – mailchimp.com/about).  Emails we send are tracked and some information is reported through MailChimp in order for us to better manage email deliveries (such as responses and general location based on IP address).

Access to the MailChimp system and data is restricted to the Office Bearers.

Your Rights

In general, we only hold information that we have been given, freely, by you and we acknowledge and respect this.  If for some reason you are concerned with how we are holding and using your data, please contact the IT Manager (contact details below) and we will make our best efforts to address your concerns.

By law, you have the following rights and can exercise them at any time:

    1. Access to your information

If you wish to know what personal information of yours we hold, please contact the IT Manager and you will receive a file of the information within 30 days.  Please indicate if you would like your information in a machine readable format.

    1. Correction of your information

If you wish to correct any of your information we hold, please contact the IT Manager with the correction.

    1. Right to be forgotten

If you do not wish your personal information to be held, please contact the IT Manager requesting erasure of your information.  However, in some cases the information on membership and service to the Cathedral will be held as part of the cathedral archive and only removed if absolutely necessary. No contact information will be retained except your area of residence for inclusion in the bi-annual Year Book.

    1. Right to object to, or restrict, processing of information

Any processing carried out on your information is for the sole purpose of communication; for example, emailing to members from the 1980s only, or in the London area only.  You can object to this processing which would result in you only receiving emails sent to all members.  If you wish to object, please contact the IT Manager.

    1. Consent to marketing communications

The Association sends out news and important information to members and friends.  In general, we only promote events connected to members, friends or the Cathedral itself.  You can opt out of email marketing communications at any time by contacting the IT Manager or clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email.


Contact Details

IT & Communications Manager – Tony Price
Email: ITManager@stalbanseca.org
Write to: The IT Manager, St Albans Ex-Choristers Association, c/o Music Department, Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 1BY

Chairman – Richard Lilley
Email: richard.lilley@stalbanseca.org