Proposed trip to Luccombe – September 2015

You will be aware that other than the Annual General Meeting in April, there have been no STAECA activities this year. It has been proposed that, following the enjoyable and successful STAECA camp at Luccombe in 2013, we revisit the village during the weekend of 4th / 5th/ 6th September (Friday to Sunday).

Availability of key personnel and finding a suitable weekend in June/July for the usual ‘field camp’has not proved possible this year however there is still an opportunity for us to visit Luccombe, staying local B&B’s/hotels as many of us did previously, (or staying at the local camp site near Horner), and using the village as the meeting place/base for our walks (Dunkery/Selworthy/Barle Valley) and evening gatherings and also singing Evensong on the Sunday afternoon.

The detailed weekend programme and the necessary endorsement from The Dean still need to be worked through but in order to ascertain whether the trip is feasible we need to know the likely ‘take-up’ from the members; clearly a critical mass and a quorum of voices is a must if the weekend is to be a success.

I should be grateful if you would let me know (to by no later than Sunday 21st June whether you (and spouse/partner) are interested and would like to participate in this weekend trip.


Many thanks